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Arkansas Riverwalk

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The Arkansas Riverwalk contains seven-miles of trail that wind along the Arkansas River through Caņon City and beyond. The trail covers many types of terrain and natural areas including dense cottonwood forests and native wetlands. The trail has a hard-packed, crushed gravel surface and follows an old railroad bed much of the way. The trail is open to many uses, which include running, walking, biking and even horse riding on the John Griffin Park Bluff Trail. Your dogs are welcome too, but please keep them on a leash and be sure to pick up after them.



Nature enthusiasts have encountered numerous species of birds and fowl along the Arkansas Riverwalk. Be sure to keep a look out for wildlife such as bears and mountain lions, they have been known to frequent the areas around the trail as well.


Trailheads and parking lots are located in several locations. Going from west to east, the Tunnel Drive Trailhead is located west of Caņon City off of Highway 50 and overlooks the Arkansas River and railroad tracks as it heads west into the entrance of the Royal Gorge. It is a narrow trail that winds its way through three tunnels of solid granite!


The Riverfront Recreation Area Trailhead is located just east of 4th Street. It will take you west into Centennial Park or east to 9th Street. There is also a boat launch in this location and a handicap fishing pier.


Located off of 9th Street, the Sell Avenue Trailhead runs in two directions, west to the Riverfront Recreation Area or east into John Griffin Park past the Recreation District’s Ropes Challenge Course.


The center of the Arkansas Riverwalk lies within John Griffin Park. The trail loops through John Griffin Park with two separate trails, the River Trail and the Bluff Trail. John Griffin Park is a natural area complete with wetlands and wildlife. There are numerous park benches throughout John Griffin Park, but bring your own water as there is none available.

Located beside the Recreation District Office, the Ash Trailhead provides plenty of parking and provides access to John Griffin Park. You can loop around the park by using both the Bluff Trail and River Trail.


The Raynolds Trailhead is just east of the Raynolds Bridge and across from the Recreation District Office. It will lead you in two directions, west into John Griffin Park or east towards Mackenzie Avenue.


The Brookside Trailhead is just west of Mackenzie Avenue and will take you west towards Caņon City and the Recreation District Office.


Future plans to extend the Arkansas Riverwalk include connecting Tunnel Drive to Centennial Park and Mackenzie Avenue to Pathfinder Regional Park.


Get out and enjoy the Arkansas Riverwalk experience, be courteous to others and take out with you what you took in. Have a great time!